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We welcome you to “Unique”.  Here you will find information for a special part of our work.

Our experience has shown us that is necessary for an individual who respect themselves and support their style and their personal hygiene, to have a pair of handmade shoes in their wardrobe. With us you have the possibility to order handmade shoes according to your own needs, wishes and of course the requirements of your soles. You can visit us to discuss your order, measure your soles, as well as, choose from a plethora of designs, materials, colors and much more, in order to create together the perfect pair of handmade shoes, which corresponds to your expectations, always by using the best materials but at the same time being unique.

You will be the one to have the last word!

There is also the possibility to make large sizes: Men’s from 47EU until 53EU

                                                                                      Women’s until 41EU


Do not hesitate to contact with us. We are always willing to introduce you to the magical world of handmade shoes!