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1. How long does it take to make a pair of handmade shoes?

  For a pair of handmade shoes manufactured by specialists we need 8 - 10 weeks.


2. What is your return policy?

  All our products may be returned if they have not been worn. For any additional information in accordance with the policy our refunds, under para. in terms of use of the e-shop.


3. Where can I buy your shoes?

 All our footwear can be purchased through the e-shop ( For specific orders or any other information do not hesitate to let us know by e-mail.)


4. Are there additional shipping charges or is it free of charge?

  For shipping within the Greek territory there is no extra charge. For any other country the values are defined by the transport firm basis of each invoice.


5. Do you make special orders and if so, what is the process?

  For special orders please do not hesitate to let us know by e-mail.


6. Can I have my shoes repaired?

  Always send your Nikolas Routsis shoes to us for reparation.


7. What is the largest shoe size for  man that you can make?

  ΤοThe largest size in men’s shoes is 53eu.


8. What is the smallest shoe size that you can make?

  The smallest shoe size is 35eu.


9. Do you make shoes with high heels?

  Of course, we do. You will find all of our products in our website


10. Can I use my own leather for a pair of shoes?

   It all depends the quality and type of the leather. Do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


11. Do you have ready-to-wear footwear?

   Of course, we do. You will find everything in “ready-to-wear” section.


12.I like a pair of ready-to-wear footwear that I found on your website. Can I have it in different color or type of leather?

   Of course you can choose any color or type of leather you like. Do not hesitate to contact us.


13. Could you stretch my shoes, in case that they are too tight?

   It is possible if you have purchased your footwear from our website, otherwise it is necessary that they are made from genuine leather, so they can be stretched.


14. In case of damaged shoelaces, can they be repaired?

   If you inform us about the length, color and type, we are able to make any necessary reparations.


15. Can you repair damaged shoe soles?

   Of course, we can repair any shoe sole.


16. Which shoe size chart do you use?

   We use the International shoe size conversion chart. For any further details, please visit the “Size Guide”.