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The history of Routsis family in the footwear industry begins in the center of Athens, in 1930. At that time, Argirios Routsis, established his own business by creating the first workshop in men’s handmade shoes.


His experience in the art of shoemaking and his desire to create unique products had been transferred to the next generation, when Nikolaos Routsis opened his first retail shop of handmade men’s shoes by request, in 1964. His love for the luxury footwear has spread by word of mouth and thus he captured peoples’ trust for years. This love and trust were the trigger for the third generation in row, to continue doing the art of shoemaking. It was Argirios Routsis the youngest, who has continued the art, establishing the first family craft of handmade footwear in 1984, also in the center of Athens. Today, Routsis family, with the fourth generation in a row, hands over the business to Nikolas Routsis the youngest, who continues consistently the tradition by creating unique products, one of their kind.


 Since then, always using the best materials and respecting the needs of each of our customers individually and maintaining the same simple philosophy, we continue to create handmade shoes which still retain the attention to detail, quality, comfort and durability as the time passes.