Routsis family has been in the footwear manufacturing industry since 1930. The art and the secrets of shoemaking have been transmitted with loyalty and passion from one generation to another. Our craftsmanship in making handmade footwear combined with the excellent knowledge of high- skilled techniques and the use of the finest materials, have made our products synonymous with quality and elegance.
Routsis company, always following the same simple philosophy of using the most carefully selected materials and emphasizing quality and timeless style above all else, continuous to manufacture one of a kind handcrafted shoes that get even better through the passage of time. Just as any genuine handmade product so our shoes are made with love and care, having a unique quality that no machine can ever match.
Every order is a challenge for us; it is unique because our customers are unique. We are always more than happy to introduce you to the magical world of traditional shoemaking. You can either buy one of our ‘ready to wear’ products or make your own unique pair of shoes which can be free from fashion norms and customized to suit your tastes and needs.
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