The success of our company truly relies on the harmonious combination of
tradition and innovation. Our main goal is to design and manufacture
aesthetically pleasing shoes of great quality. The constant search for natural,
durable materials which do not contain toxic substances is a demanding
process that has been followed faithfully by our company to date. The basic
materials we use are genuine leather, fabrics, anatomical insoles, cotton laces
and metal decorative elements of unparalleled quality in a wide variety. The
only materials that we do not make available to you are synthetics.
Moreover, we use eco-friendly, natural dyes for leather coloration that have
undergone biological treatment. The key feature of natural dyes is that they
are easily absorbed by the leather, giving a natural, uniform and long-lasting
result. We give you the ultimate freedom to choose between a variety of
designs and materials, so that the end product not only meet your needs but
also be a reflection of your personality. We believe that when verified quality
meets the high aesthetics as well as the elements of each unique personality,
the final product is not just a pair of shoes, but a piece of art.